13 August 2018

No, an invitation to debate isn’t a catcall

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s response to Ben Shapiro was ludicrous.

3 August 2018

The #MeToo suicides

Four people are dead as a result of this hysteria. Can we talk about that?

2 August 2018

No, women aren’t at risk from men

What feminists really mean when they talk about ‘violence’.

31 July 2018

Love Island: the antidote to feminist miserabilism

Three cheers for the show that proves young women (and men) are all right.

26 July 2018

The rise of the female breadwinner

Another victory for women that feminists are refusing to celebrate.

25 July 2018

Not everything is a feminist issue

Even climate change is now looked at through a gendered lens.

24 July 2018

It’s wrong to vote for women just because they’re women

Female candidates, like male ones, should be judged by their ideas.

18 July 2018

Gender is more than a social construct

No one benefits from the idea that gender is a mere imposition.

12 July 2018

Dancing for freedom

Three cheers for the Iranian women defying their regime.

11 July 2018

It isn’t transphobic to question transgenderism

We must be free to debate the dangers of the Gender Recognition Act.