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Arts & Culture
16 January 2018

What is the point of poetry?

To be a laboratory of language that opens us to the world.

12 January 2018

Why the left loathes the Daily Mail

Bashing the Mail has become the ultimate virtue-signal.

11 January 2018

Lorde and the breathtaking hypocrisy of BDS

Anti-Israel activists pose as freedom-lovers but agitate for censorship.

8 January 2018

In defence of Apu

Don’t let offence-takers kill off The Simpsons’ shopkeeper.

26 December 2017

The year everything was politicised

Apparently you can’t take down Trump without Taylor Swift.

25 December 2017

Our cultural highs and lows of 2017

spiked writers on the best and the worst of this year's art and culture.

20 December 2017

The Disaster Artist: tribute to an unintended masterpiece

James Franco’s latest tells the story of the greatest bad film ever made.

19 December 2017

We’re all Mary Whitehouse now

The rage against deviant art has returned in PC form.

14 December 2017

Rita, Sue and #MeToo

The cancellation of Andrea Dunbar’s play is a disgrace.

13 December 2017

In defence of JK Rowling

In this fevered climate, standing by Johnny Depp took guts.