12 January 2018

Why the left loathes the Daily Mail

Bashing the Mail has become the ultimate virtue-signal.

5 January 2018

Meet the new pearl‑clutchers

Today it’s the liberal-left who punish moral transgressors.

30 November 2017

Self-censorship: the modern scourge

Grow some balls, people, and express that unpopular opinion.

24 November 2017

Freed from Britain, trapped by the EU

Ireland fought for independence yet now wants to give it up to Brussels.

17 November 2017

Men are not a different species

Gender determinism has returned in PC form.

10 November 2017

Remember, the past is a foreign country

It’s wrong to judge people of the past by today’s moral standards.

26 October 2017

Genderfluidity is the latest fashion craze

Why being trans is all the rage among the young and the famous.

5 October 2017

How the left and right switched places

It’s now the left that views Man as fallen and corrupt.

8 September 2017

An all-female Lord of the Flies would be just as savage

In desperate times, gender differences wither away.

1 September 2017

After Diana: the age of emotionalism

It is 20 years since emotional incontinence went mainstream.