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Cliff Richard’s win is our loss

Cliff's Law puts privacy first and society second.

Let’s celebrate the ingenuity of IVF

As she approaches her 40th birthday, Louise Brown, the first IVF baby, talks to spiked.

Why liberals bash Trump but ignore dictators

Perhaps protesters expect only white rulers to be civilised.

We need to talk about the Q

Queer politics has corrupted LGBT liberation.

Labour’s problem with Jews is getting worse

The message is clear now: we trust you less than other minorities.

Tom Slater 19 July 2018

That’s redecorating, not activism

A ‘protest’ in Manchester reminds us how trivial student politics has become.

Consent classes for four-year-olds? What a terrible idea

We are urging children to see their interactions through the prism of abuse.

No, ‘designer babies’ are not around the corner

The concern over gene editing is getting way ahead of the technology.

They are not communists, you idiots

Calm down, right-wingers: Corbynistas are squarer than you think.

Fascists, fascists everywhere

Why the left loves to whip up fears over the far right.

Gender is more than a social construct

No one benefits from the idea that gender is a mere imposition.

Tom Slater 17 July 2018

‘Trump is a Russian plant’: birtherism for liberals

The idea that Trump is in Putin’s pocket is a feverish conspiracy theory.

Russia 2018: the greatest ever World Cup?

Final thoughts on an all-right England and the French revolution.

Join the fight against PSPOs

Everyone from rough sleepers to skateboarders have been targeted by these draconian powers.

Those anti-Trump protests were really, really weird

This was atomised middle-class angst dressed up as radicalism.

Tim Black 16 July 2018

Why Trump doesn’t hate Russia

The president’s refusal to embrace Russophobia is no bad thing.

No Justine, we don’t need a second referendum

Politicians' refusal to accept Brexit is no reason to have another vote.

Scarlett Johansson and the new cultural police

Why shouldn’t a ‘cis’ actress play a trans man?

Tom Slater 13 July 2018

Days of middle-class rage

The Trump protests are more about therapy than politics.

It isn’t Islamophobic to criticise Sadiq Khan

It is censorious to brand Trump a bigot for criticising the mayor.

Bill Wirtz 13 July 2018

In defence of Tony the Tiger

Banning cereal-box cartoons is pointless and paternalistic.

Patrick West 13 July 2018

We’re all Foucauldian now

How the Frenchman’s power theories gave rise to ‘snowflakes’.

The two Englands

The World Cup has been brilliant. But it didn’t bring us together.

Wendy Kaminer 12 July 2018

Has the Supreme Court become too powerful?

It is supposed to protect minority rights, not impose the will of a minority.

Dancing for freedom

Three cheers for the Iranian women defying their regime.

Starbucks, your latte levy is pointless

Disposable coffee cups really aren’t that big a problem.

It isn’t transphobic to question transgenderism

We must be free to debate the dangers of the Gender Recognition Act.

The problem with always believing accusers

The latest UK paedophile panic has exposed the wilful credulity of our elites.

The myth of social-media addiction

No, we aren’t all slaves to our timelines.

Trans activism is now just misogyny in drag

The attack on Alison Moyet shows how sexist trans thinking has become.

Fraser Myers 10 July 2018

The Thai cave rescue is humanity at its finest

This daring rescue mission is achieving the seemingly impossible.

The King and I: a West End treat

Those crying ‘Western imperialism’ are really missing the point.

Luke Gittos 10 July 2018

Who’s the real baby here?

That Trump blimp reveals how infantile some of his critics have become.

The crisis of democracy

David Davis's resignation confirms that no party is willing to deliver Brexit.

Now they even want to racialise the World Cup

Identitarians judge footballers not by their skill, but by their race.

Tom Slater 9 July 2018

This is so much bigger than Boris

Brexit won’t be saved by cabinet resignations alone.

The dimming of democracy

Theresa May’s sell-out on Brexit is a grave insult to the democratic ideal.

Sex after #MeToo

Heterosexual relationships are in crisis.

In defence of men

Masculine virtues are universal virtues, and they should be celebrated.

Ella Whelan 6 July 2018

On rape

Why feminists need to listen to Germaine Greer.

Fearful, joyful sex

The playwright behind The Inheritance talks EM Forster, the AIDS crisis and the eternal joy of sex.

Incels: the ugly truth

The strange, self-loathing world of incels owes much to mainstream sexual confusion.

Frank Furedi 6 July 2018

The mainstreaming of porn

The pornification of Western society speaks to a serious crisis of values – one that censorship won’t solve.

Can England win the World Cup?

Is football really becoming as unpredictable as politics?

Russian football fans are human after all

The World Cup has exploded Russophobic prejudices.

Jon Holbrook 5 July 2018

Civil partnership: a hollow institution

Giving it the same status as marriage is a grave mistake.

Tom Slater 4 July 2018

The crusade against Vote Leave

This isn't about dark money and dirty tricks. It is about crushing Brexit.

Luke Gittos 4 July 2018

The Supreme Court v the court of public opinion

The departure of Kennedy reminds us of a tension at the heart of US democracy.

There is no such thing as ‘gaming disorder’

We are in danger of stigmatising a perfectly harmless hobby.