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Luke Gittos 11 December 2017

We need to talk about killing terrorists

Enemy combatants should not be treated the same as citizens.

Jon Holbrook 11 December 2017

May’s compromise will fracture the nation

The PM’s capitulation to the ECJ will create two classes of citizen.

On campus, ‘diversity’ is now a threat to free thought

Equality quangos are pressuring universities to buy into PC ideology.

spiked podcast 8 December 2017

‘The battle for Brexit is still on’

Podcast: Bruno Waterfield on the Tories' Brexit fudge.

Tom Slater 8 December 2017

Brexit: on the road to betrayal

We need to take back control from Tory Brexiteers.

Now Stop Funding Hate wants to ruin Christmas

These snobby censors want to punish both tabloids and their readers.

Tom Bailey 8 December 2017

Bitcoin: don’t believe the hype

The cryptocurrency is only good for making an easy buck.

Christian Butler 8 December 2017

Treasures from the purple reign

My Name is Prince is an immersive tribute to one of pop’s late greats.

Luke Gittos 8 December 2017

Transparent: cancelled by #MeToo

The hit Amazon show was both ‘woke’ and challenging. I’m sad to see it go.

Sean Collins 7 December 2017

The Flynn flip isn’t all it seems

And this unchecked investigation is a danger to democracy.

Rob Killick 7 December 2017

Christine Keeler and me

How the Profumo Affair awakened Britain’s sexuality.

Ella Whelan 7 December 2017

Why Time is wrong to celebrate #MeToo

Feeding a victimhood culture won’t empower women.

Tim Black 7 December 2017

The myth of Britain’s far right

Britain First is as insignificant as its racist and fascist predecessors.

Heather Greer 7 December 2017

Transgenderism: why we shouldn’t rush in

Pushing people into irreversible procedures is dangerous.

Tom Slater 6 December 2017

Labour: a party against the people

The idea that Brexit is impossible reveals the conservatism of the pro-EU set.

Mick Hume 6 December 2017

Don’t blame the DUP for the EU’s mess

The Brexit crisis has been caused by the elites’ war on democracy.

Pauline Hadaway 6 December 2017

The Good Friday Agreement is no model for diplomacy

It was a work of bad faith and media spin that only stored up problems for the future.

Destroying the nation to preserve their power

Now we know: there’s nothing the EU class won’t do to kill Brexit.

Ella Whelan 5 December 2017

In defence of Damian Green

His public shaming confirms how sinister #MeToo has become.

Brendan O’Neill 4 December 2017

The war on sex is out of control

The #MeToo neo-puritans are a menace to human life.

Using social mobility to bash Brexit

Milburn's resignation reveals the elite's pity-the-poor condescension.

Claire Fox 1 December 2017

What women want

Ella Whelan’s book puts freedom back into feminism.

spiked podcast 1 December 2017

‘This Meghan-mania is just incredibly grim’

Freddy Gray and Tom Slater talk woke royals and PC sycophants.

The arrogance of the ‘Ban Trump’ lobby

It is childish and chilling to try to block Trump's visit to Britain.

Mark Lilla 1 December 2017

The liberal case against identity politics

Mark Lilla talks solidarity and liberalism and explains why he’s not a white supremacist.

Thom and Heartfield 1 December 2017

Hollywood’s race war

Why is the American movie industry more obsessed with race than ever?

Tom Slater 1 December 2017

Morrissey: dangerously English

Why Moz still shocks after all these years.

Jason D Hill 1 December 2017

An immigrant’s American Dream

Jason D Hill on identity politics, multiculturalism and why he’s not a victim of white oppression.

Brendan O’Neill 1 December 2017

Black privilege

Why white liberals venerate Ta-Nehisi Coates.

Joanna Williams 1 December 2017

We are more than our gender

Today’s gender determinists are forgetting what really makes us human.

Frank Furedi 1 December 2017

The hidden history of identity politics

How a revolt against the Enlightenment came to dominate public life.

Fraser Myers 30 November 2017

The myth of hipster racism

Lena Dunham might be irritating but there’s no evidence she’s racist.

Patrick West 30 November 2017

Self-censorship: the modern scourge

Grow some balls, people, and express that unpopular opinion.

Martin Cullip 30 November 2017

Indulge this Christmas – it’s what Jesus would have wanted

Ignore the health bores. Listen to the Bible instead.

Mick Hume 29 November 2017

Can Meghan’s glitter replace the ‘magic’ of monarchy?

Bagehot’s 150-year-old constitutional bible sounds a warning to royal fans today.

Britain First: a monster of the left’s own making

Get off your Twitter high-horse: your cowardice created this.

Joanna Williams 29 November 2017

Angela Lansbury: the latest witch on the pyre

So much as question the #MeToo movement and you'll be mobbed.

Julian Vigo 29 November 2017

Why women should stand up to the trans ideology

Questions must be asked, however much they bully and demonise us.

Kevan Copeland 29 November 2017

Gay men, stand up for yourselves

Even after the Spacey scandal, let’s defend risky sex.

Tom Slater 28 November 2017

Meghan Markle: Generation Woke’s Princess Diana

Now identity politics has become an apology for monarchy.

Naomi Firsht 28 November 2017

President Macron, French women don’t need saving

The problem with Macron’s ‘emergency plan’ on sexism.

Ella Whelan 28 November 2017

Ban Sleeping Beauty? Okay, now feminists have gone too far

No, this fairytale won’t encourage boys to kiss girls without consent.

The elites are in revolt against the people

Brussels, Dublin and British liberals are waging war on British democracy.

Tim Black 27 November 2017

The apocalyptic barbarism of ISIS

The Egypt mosque massacre confirms the abstract horror of ISIS violence.

Tom Slater 27 November 2017

Panic on the streets of London

Yes, fear of terrorism is bad. But so is fear of discussing it.

spiked podcast 24 November 2017

‘Calling a woman a “terf” is just a new way of calling her a “witch”’

Podcast: Brendan O'Neill on how trans activism licenses misogyny.

Patrick West 24 November 2017

Freed from Britain, trapped by the EU

Ireland fought for independence yet now wants to give it up to Brussels.

spiked 24 November 2017

Is the left eating itself?

Watch spiked’s NYC Unsafe Space panel.

In defence of Lena Dunham

Yes, she’s irritating. But she isn’t a rape apologist or racist.

Sean Collins 23 November 2017

#MeToo is a menace to democratic politics

Now Washington is falling to this puritan panic.

Sabine Beppler-Spahl 23 November 2017

The end of the old politics in Germany

The collapse of coalition talks points to a deeper crisis.

Rob Lyons 23 November 2017

A safety-first Budget won’t work

Philip Hammond revealed the dire state of the economy – but offered little to fix it.

Andrew Doyle 23 November 2017

Twitter has turned its back on free speech

The platform plans to exercise ideological control over its users.

Ella Whelan 22 November 2017

Lily Madigan is not a woman

Having a 19-year-old boy as a women’s officer is ridiculous.

spiked 22 November 2017

Brendan O’Neill at the Comedy Cellar

Our editor went to the legendary NY club to discuss Hollywood hysteria.

Luke Gittos 22 November 2017

George Takei: now #MeToo is consuming its own

The moral panic about sexual misconduct is out of control.

Naomi Firsht 22 November 2017

Students, stop waging war on the past

Now student leaders want to erase William Gladstone's name.