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spiked podcast 16 February 2018

Beware the oligarchs

Podcast: Frank Furedi on the controversy over George Soros.

Stop playing politics with school shootings

The people who politicise these acts are playing a lethal game.

Patrick West 16 February 2018

Why ‘moving with the times’ is overrated

The idea grid girls should be banned ‘because it’s 2018’ makes no sense.

Christian Butler 16 February 2018

Black Panther is not the first black superhero flick

The rush to praise the new Marvel film has created a bizarre cultural amnesia.

Naomi Firsht 16 February 2018

The heresy of criticising the NHS

When will politicians admit that our health service has major flaws?

Tom Slater 15 February 2018

No, Bari Weiss is not a bigot

Why is a right-of-centre liberal being painted as a hatemonger?

Tim Black 15 February 2018

It’s Remainers who are the conspiracy theorists

They are obsessed with ‘dark money’ and ‘shady’ people.

Ann Furedi 15 February 2018

No, abortion on grounds of disability is not eugenics

These choices are personal, not a matter of public policy.

Candice Holdsworth 15 February 2018

Peter Rabbit falls to the outrage mob

The zealotry of today's censors knows no bounds.

Mick Hume 14 February 2018

The EU is no friend of Irish independence

It wants to exploit border tensions to erase sovereignty in the UK – and Ireland.

Joanna Williams 14 February 2018

Trans vs TERFs: scrabbling for the victim highground

The argument over who is a woman has descended into ugly victim politics.

Gareth Sturdy 14 February 2018

It’s no surprise that teachers cheat

The OCR scandal shows how dysfunctional the education system has become.

Stephanie Gutmann 14 February 2018

#MeToo is killing seduction

Male assertiveness is not necessarily a bad thing.

Ella Whelan 13 February 2018

The problem with Oxfam isn’t just a few dirty men

This scandal reveals the aid industry’s nasty neocolonial attitudes.

Phil Mullan 13 February 2018

Making sense of the stock-market turmoil

There’s too much complacency about our abnormal economy.

Luke Gittos 13 February 2018

Why is it okay to censor Christians?

Vue’s pulling of a film about gay-conversion therapy is disturbing.

Patrick Basham 13 February 2018

Turning teen smoking into forbidden fruit

Thanks to the bans and warnings, cigarettes have never been more alluring.

Tim Black 12 February 2018

Revolt of the modern-day ‘slaves’

Migrants in Cornwall just dealt a blow to the elite’s ‘slavery’ obsession.

Ella Whelan 12 February 2018

No, women are not damaged goods

#MeToo is in danger of reviving the idea of the ‘tainted women’.

Kevin Yuill 12 February 2018

Assisted dying: a failure of psychiatry

We abdicate clinical responsibility when we let the suffering die.

spiked podcast 9 February 2018

‘They celebrate the vote but they wish we didn’t have it’

Brendan O'Neill on why the political elite distrusts the public.

Ella Whelan 9 February 2018

No, today’s feminists are not The New Suffragettes

They fought for power – you fight for protection.

Patrick West 9 February 2018

What Marty Crane can teach us

John Mahoney’s character pre-empted today’s culture clash.

Leave Tarantino alone

#MeToo is becoming a moral crusade against artistic freedom.

Remainers have just reached a new low

In screaming ‘anti-Semitism!’ at their critics, they’re playing a lethal game.

Nadja Breton 8 February 2018

Strippers don’t need to be saved

A former stripper at the Windmill Club confronts the feminists trying to shut it down.

Frank Furedi 8 February 2018

Let’s celebrate the creative power of democracy

100 years on, the elites still distrust the people. They are wrong to.

1918 and the elitism of identity politics

Middle-class women are soaring while working-class men disappear.

The snobbery in green politics

Environmentalists are out-of-touch with ordinary people.

Mick Hume 7 February 2018

The forgotten victory: votes for working-class men

Centenary celebrations have removed the 1918 Act from its historical context.

John McGowan 7 February 2018

Chris Froome: neither saint nor sinner

Every athlete is only ever trying to seek a competitive edge.

James Woudhuysen 7 February 2018

The Post: missing the big story

A tale of the power of free speech has become a parable of modern feminism.

100 years on, they fear ‘the mob’ more than ever

Today’s political class would have been on the wrong side in 1918.

Tim Black 6 February 2018

The EU is the enemy of the working classes

Leftists who support the EU should look at Greece, and be ashamed.

Wendy Earle 6 February 2018

The new puritans waging war on art

Manchester Art Gallery’s removal of a Victorian painting should horrify us.

Tom Slater 5 February 2018

The new blasphemies on campus

The Free Speech University Rankings 2018 makes for grim reading.

Jacob Rees-Mogg and the rise of the new intolerance

The spat in Bristol exposed the dangers of self-esteem censorship.

Jim Butcher 5 February 2018

How No Platform conquered the academy

Campus censorship has been on the march for decades.

Fred Siegel 2 February 2018

The revolt against the masses

Fred Siegel on the long history of liberal elitism.

Joan C Williams 2 February 2018

We need to talk about class

Joan C Williams on why class cluelessness is hurting American politics.

A very subtle snobbery

Currid-Halkett explains why flash cars and luxury handbags no longer signify high social status.

Daniel Ben-Ami 2 February 2018

On the self-loathing rich

The wealthy are not as avaricious as many think.

James Heartfield 2 February 2018

How the working class was shut out

No party in Britain speaks for, or even appeals to, the working class.

Mike Savage 2 February 2018

Social class in the 21st century

Mike Savage, one of the minds behind the Great British Class Survey, talks identity, inequality and education.

Comedy should never be a safe space

Geoff Norcott on the PC Mary Whitehouses killing humour.

Naomi Firsht 1 February 2018

In defence of the walk-on girls

Shame on feminists who cheer the sacking of glamorous models.

Paul Seaman 1 February 2018

Why the PC brigade loathes darts

A zone in which portly working-class men have fun? Ban it.

Votes for 16-year-olds? Grow up

Votes for teens is a cynical, prejudiced and anti-democratic demand.

Three cheers for China’s cloned monkeys

The cloning of primates is a great scientific breakthrough.

Jordan Peterson: political saviour or false god?

Two spiked columnists clash over Peterson.

Ella Whelan 31 January 2018

Cutting men’s wages is a scandal

Feminists demanding pay cuts for men are doing bosses’ dirty work.

Mick Hume 30 January 2018

Brexit betrayed by the confederacy of demophobes

But let’s not despair – the democratic genie is out of the bottle.

Duleep Allirajah 30 January 2018

Kick these video refs out of football

Video Assisted Refereeing will be the death of the beautiful game.

Tim Black 30 January 2018

Anti-Trumpism: the ultimate virtue signal

The planned protests against Trump's UK visit are acts of self-promotion.

Rob Harries 30 January 2018

Don’t panic: the end is not nigh

Why we shouldn’t take the Doomsday Clock seriously.

Wendy Earle 30 January 2018

ISIS in Sylvania: confronting Islamism

A new art book satirises our infantile approach to terrorism.